Bosch front load washer error code e13

The E13 fault code indicates a drain failure. Particularly, it says that the pump has been in operation for some time without being drained properly.

There are lots of possible causes of this. There may be a clog in the sewer line or in the machine itself. Also, the pump could have gotten jammed, burnt-up or clogged. This appears to be a serious issue, which requires professional help.

To see what’s wrong, do the following: spread towels in front of the machine and free the filter (if your model has one) of water. Check it and the outlet hose for blockages and clogs.

If the E13 fault code appears on a WMFC Bosch washer, there is a drainage issue. It may indicate that the pump has worn out. To solve the problem, carry out the following steps:

Not unlikely, your washer has not drained for a while and is full of water. Do your best to provide an outlet for water. Prepare towels and a wet vacuum cleaner. There may be a good deal of water, so you may need to change to dry clothes after the procedure!

  1. Open the round door in the bottom right corner of the front side of the machine and insert a small screwdriver or drill bit in the hole, which you can see in the door.
  2. Push gently on the screwdriver/drill bit to push in a tab.
  3. Rotate it clockwise (to 6’oclock) without applying too much force (the edges are very sharp!).
  4. Remove the door and unscrew the plastic cap with wings and a red ring with a thin string attached to it. There is a collector under the cap, but it is rather small, so prepare the vacuum cleaner. Do not be in a hurry to remove the cap: water may gush out of the machine and flood the entire place, so unscrew it slowly.
  5. When the water is out, remove the trap and look inside the pump and the filter. If there is debris or foreign objects, this is what has caused the error, so you can say the problem is solved.
  6. Remove the debris, put the trap and the filter back and test-run your washer.

As the washer is running, make sure the cap is not leaking. Once you realize the cap is closed properly, fix the round door.