Bosch washer error codes

Bosch WA SERIES washer error codes
Bosch WVT 52458 washer error codes

Flashing indicatorCause / Remedial action
d01No water flows in. Open tap and press the "lnicio“ button again. This malfunction may be caused by an improper water supply hose connection
d02Pump filter blocked. Clean the pump filter and restart the program with the “Inicio” button. Check drain hose: The connection must not be blocked
d03Drain hose condition: The connection must not be blocked
d06Drum blocked. Check if a small laundry item (e.g. handkerchief, sock...) has got between the detergent dispenser and drum. For access to the bottom of the dispenser
d07Lid improperly closed. Check if the lid is closed. Start the programme using the ”lnicio“ button.

Bosch WA SERIES washer error codes

DisplayCause/remedial action
YESThe washing machine door is unlocked. It is possible to add laundry.
NODue to the high temperature in the drum, the washing machine door cannot be opened. Wait until the temperature drops.
Due to the high level of water in the drum, the washing machine door can- not be opened. Drain the water (e.g. select the Spin or Empty programme (if only a drain cycle is required, set rpm (spin speed) to Rinse hold = 0 without final spin selected).
E:16Laundry may become trapped. Close the washing machine door properly.
E:17Turn on the cold water tap fully
E:29Supply hose kinked or trapped
Water pressure too low. Clean the filter in ?
A: 10Turn on the hot water tap fully, supply hose kinked or trapped.
Supply hose kinked/trapped; water pressure too low. Clean the filter.
Hot water hose not connected; washing machine is operated using cold water only. Ignore the message; this message is only displayed for the first wash cycle.
E:18Detergent solution pump blocked. Clean the detergent solution pump.
Drain hose/waste pipe blocked. Clean the drain hose on the siphon.
E:23Water in the base trough due to appliance leaking. Call after-sales service.
CLIf childproof lock is active, deactivate it.
Other displaysSwitch off the appliance, wait for five seconds and switch it back on again. If the display appears again, call after-sales service.

Bosch WVT 52458 washer error codes

A signal emitted in display fieldPossible causeAction
E01 (error solution E01)Door not colosed properly.Check whether laundry is trap- ped in door;
Close the washer-dryer door.
E02 (error solution E02)Tap not turned on.Turn the tap on. Eliminate cause.
Inlet hose kinked or pinched. Filter blocked in water inlet hose.Clean filter
Water pressure too low.Eliminate cause.
E04 (error solution E04)Lose debris is blocking the pump;Clean the pump
Drainage pipe blockedClean the drainage pipe.