Bosch washing machine error code e29What if there is no water in the Bosch washing machine, and the system does not fill it? At the same time you can see error code E29 on the display which means that the water does not pass through the flow sensor.

You need to do a search and troubleshoot the washer. Sometimes error code F 29 can be eliminated with your own hands, without any repair.

Causes and of the breakdown and possible solutions

After you launch your Bosch washing machine, you do not hear the specific sound of the water intake, or it fills too slowly.

Before you open the washer and disassemble the parts, try to remove error 29 like this:

Incorrect installation

Check the correctness of the connection of the filling hose to the washer. Are there any kinks and bends, is the hose positioned correctly in relation to the drum (at least 50 cm from the floor).

Self-draining into the sewer might be the consequence of an incorrect installation.

Lack of pressure

Finding the cause is simple: disconnect the inlet hose and lower it into the sink. If you see that the pressure is too weak, the problem is obvious. How to fix the situation:

  1. Rotate the inlet valve, perhaps it is blocked or not fully open.
  2. Wait until the pressure appears.
  3. Call the plumber to solve the problem.

The door is not tightly closed

Push the door a little harder until you hear a specific click. The Bosch washing machine does not start the washing program until the door is completely locked.

Inspect the door handle and a latch. The tongue-latch may break or shift over time, which prevents it from getting into the lock hole. You need to put it back in place.

Additionally inspect the side hinges in case the door is skewed.

The door may not be closing due to a breakdown of the locking device. The locking device closes the hatch at the electronic level, and then sends a signal to the module about the possibility of starting the wash. Check the lock with a tester.

Filter clogging

The tight mesh filter is located between the inlet valve and the inlet hose. If debris and small particles get into it, the filter may become clogged.

Disconnect the hose, use pliers to remove the mesh and clean it.

After installation, run the Bosch washer. If it still displays error code F29 on the display, it means that the error could not be reset.

DIY repair

You tried to solve the problem, but nothing happened. How to troubleshoot and reset error F29?

You will need to make repair or replace some parts.

Inlet valve

If it fails, the water will not fill the drum. You need to check the valve for serviceability, which means disassembling the top of the Bosch washing machine.

Inlet sensor and water pressure sensor

If the pressure switch breaks, error F29 might also be displayed.

First of all, you need to check the pressure switch hose for clogging.

Control unit

Repair of the electronic unit is a difficult job. In most cases, it is easier to replace the entire device.