CDA dishwasher troubleshooting

CDA are a manufacturer of washing machines and kitchen appliances owned by the Polish company Amica Group PLC, which operates in 50 countries worldwide. CDA are located in Nottinghamshire (UK), the company was established in 1991. It belongs to the Amica Group since 2015.
Looking for reliable information on washer repair or dishwasher repair? This is exactly what you’ll find below. No matter what the issue is (you dishwasher doesn’t work properly, your washer is not spinning or is experiencing other malfunction), the tables below will give you useful troubleshooting advice. The first column lists the most common washer and dishwasher problems (for instance, a washer wont spin), and next to it you will find the explanation and possible solutions.

CDA WC460, CDA WC140 dishwasher troubleshooting

WC460 is an integrated dishwasher produced by the UK-based brand of washing machines and kitchen appliances CDA. This is a compact model belonging to the Slimline series. There is a choice of five programs, from Soak to Ultra Clean. They differ in terms of a cycle length as well as temperature, which may vary from 45C to 70C. The Ultra Clean mode terminates with an anti-bacteria rinse that provides the most reliable result.

The CDA WC140 dishwasher belongs to the range of integrated dishwashers made by the CDA brand founded in 1991. Basically, the model provides a choice of five programs. Sometimes just a Prewash or a Quick wash is enough, but in case the degree of soil is rather high, an Intensive mode is more appropriate. There is also an Eco wash function, which suggests reduced consumption of electrical power.

ProblemPossible cause
The programme will not startCheck the plug, fuse and circuit breakers of the mains supply
The water tap is turned off
The dishwasher door is not fully dosed
The water inlet filter or the machine filters are blocked
Water remains inside the dishwasher at the end of the programmeThe water drain hose is blocked or kinked
The filters are blocked
The dishwasher stops in the middle of a programmePower failure
Water inlet failure
Programme is on standby
Wash performance is of a low standardPoor loading of dishes hinders wash performance.
Insuffident detergent added
Inappropriate wash programme selected
Spray arm blocked
Filters clogged or incorrectly fitted
Water drain pump blocked
White stains on the dishesInsuffident detergent added
Rinse aid setting is too low
Insufficient dishwasher salt added
Water softener setting is too low
Salt compartment cap not completely closed
The dishes are not completely dry at the end of the programmeA programme without a drying stage was selected
Rinse aid setting is too low
Dishes unloaded too soon (allow time for drying)
There are rust stains on the dishesDifferent sets of cutlery should be kept separate
Too much salt (Water softener setting is too high)
Salt compartment cap not completely closed
Poor appliance earth (check mains electrical supply)
The door is not opening or closing properlyDoor tension not correctly adjusted for the decor door