DE error code on lg washing machine

The breakdown of the LG washing machine might be detected with the help of an error code on the control display. If during “Wash”, “Rinse”, or “Spin” modes the machine shows error DE on the display, it means that there were issues with the door lock.

In the machines without a display, all LED indicators (Temperature – Wash – Rinse) blink simultaneously.

How to fix the malfunction

Before looking for the cause of the breakdown and solving the problem, try to remove error DE by taking these simple actions:

  • Push the door a little harder, perhaps it is loosely closed.
  • Eliminate possible interference with normal fixation. A piece of clothing could get stuck, or something interferes with the door tongue.
  • The door could get skewed. If so, you need to tighten the side hinges.
  • Reboot the washer several times to reset the error – completely de-energize the appliance for 20 minutes, then plug it again.

Error code DE appears on the LG washing machine display again? Let’s see what it means.

Signs of malfunction and repair

Как исправить поломку и устранить ошибку DE1 на стиралке LG: How to fix the malfunction and eliminate error DE1:

Signs of malfunction Cause Repair measures
The door is closed, but it does not lock. Broken or worn lock hook. Replace the part.
The door is closed and locked, but the wash does not start – error DE is on. The blocking device failed. The lock does not work, so the program does not start. Replace the lock.
Washing, rinsing, or spinning stop, error DE appears. There is a smell of burning, and the “Lock” indicator might also blink. Issues with control unit. You need to check the control module. If case of damage, clean the connectors, solder the contacts. If the card is beyond repair, the replacement will help.
The handle does not work, the door does not close. Error DE is on. Broken handle. Install new handle.
The door of the LG washing machine does not close due to hinge wear. The hinge is damaged. If adjustments do not help, the hinges require replacing.

You will need to check the causes of the fault in order to eliminate the error. If you are confident in the proper operation of the safety door lock, then you need to inspect the small board. It is located in the control module and switches the washing machine on and off.

  1. Remove the screws and the front panel.
  2. Remove the bolts from the control module and take it out.
  3. Open the cover.
  4. You will see a small board under the plastic. Inspect it for damage. If there are any burned tracks, they need to be cleaned.

After you installing the unit back in place, check the operation of the washer. If the error is not there and the LG machine is working normally, then you have done everything correctly.