If there is something wrong with a dishwasher, you can see a message on its digital display. These messages are called error codes (fault codes). Each fault code has its own meaning, it shows what the problem is. Having pinpointed the cause of your problem, you can often solve it on your own, without calling for professional help.

It is very likely that you will be able to get the dishwasher working again in half an hour and won’t even need special tools or skills – an easy-to-use repair manual is enough for making most repairs. Manuals of this type can be found on our website. It contains detailed descriptions and simple steps to correct the most common problems occurring in dishwashers on your own.
The table explaining the meaning of dishwasher error codes will help you to understand what parts are at fault and how to get them repaired as quickly as possible. This table contains all types of problems a dishwasher can experience, as well as brief instructions how to make the fixes yourself.