Fisher and paykel dishwasher f1 error

The F1 fault code means that there is water in the flood pan in the bottom part of the dishwasher.

This can be due to different factors. Not unlikely, the drawer is not closed properly. This may be due to an object blocking it, or failure actuators. Also, this can happen due to a blocked drain hose, filter, bad inlet valve or poor lead seal.

Whatever it is, your dishwasher needs an inspection and, maybe, your dishwasher needs a repair. If it is running, switch it off immediately. Disconnect it from the mains and check the components mentioned above.

Check the Drain Pan

Pull the bottom drawer all the way out (until it stops) and lower the square tabs at both sides of it behind the front panel. Pull the drawer again. Pull the drawer up and out and hold it at an angle, so it could come out. Soak excess water in the pan with a dry towel. If there is too much water, place a tub near the dishwasher and tilt it until the water pours out. In the end, the drain pan should be completely dry.

Be sure that the drain- and inlet pipes are properly connected. Check them for leaks and kinks. If there is a leak, replace the pipe. Also, make sure that the filter is not faulty or blocked. If faulty, replace it. If there is a blockage, do the following:

Cleaning the filter

  1. Remove the rack above the drain-filter panel at the drawer’s bottom.
  2. Lift the filter and take it out of the washer.
  3. Rinse the filter with cold running water.
  4. Put the filter back and be sure that it sits properly.

Checking the Actuators

To check the actuators, press and hold the Loakhand Start buttons for a few seconds. Then press Power and Start consecutively three times until there is ‘”LD” on the screen. Then push Lockhand again to activate the actuators and look at the lid. If it moves up and down effortlessly, the actuators are ok. If not, replace them.