Hoover washing machine error code e03

If you see the E03 error, most likely, there is a drain problem.

Error codes are set messages, which are programmed to indicate particular faults and issues.

In fact, these messages are intended for guiding us down the right way when troubleshooting.

Given the fact that the code denotes a drain problem, here is some information for reference:

Look at the pump and drain filter. In most models, they are located at the bottom (inside the pull-down flap)

Check the drain hose and pipe, to which it is connected.

This code can result from other issues as well, which may not be directly related to the drain system.

Recently, Kingdom Appliance Care faced the E03 error code occurring for reasons that were in no way related to the drain thing.

The problem was that a cycle would hitch at 21 minutes, the drum would swing back and forward for a few seconds, and then the machine would stop and show the E03 code. Trying to manually drain the machine at this point wouldn’t work either.

An electrical test (the machine was disconnected from power) showed that it was the heating element that had a problem.

Therefore, if you have tried all troubleshooting options, but are still confused, it is advisable to look ffor an experienced technician.