Ge dishwasher error codes

The history of the General Electric Company (GE) keeps its count from the 1876, when Thomas Edison created an incandescent electric lamp in his laboratory. In the 1890 he merged all his enterprises into one “Edison General Electric Company» and in the 1892 organized a merger with his direct competitor – “Thomson- Houston Company”. Thus, the General Electric brand appeared in the market.

Still the same types of products with which Edison started are produced under the trademark of GE.

For this moment, there are six units in General Electric, which deal with various spheres of activity. GE Industrial is among them, it produces household appliances, including dishwashers.

In case of a breakdown of dishwashers of this legendary make, we ask you to address to GE dishwasher error codes. Please, find them below.

GE dishwasher error codes

Failure CodeConditionCheck/Repair
PFPower FailurePush cancel to clear. If code persists check electrical connections to dishwasher and electronic control
C1Partially restricted drain, pump-out not accomplished in the normal time of less than 95 secondsCheck drain line, if clear, check for a restricted drain valve in pump
C2Drain line totally blocked, pump-out not accomplished in the maximum time of 405 secondsCheck drain valve for restriction in pump, check drain line. Note: If a new garbage disposer was installed, remove knock out plug for dishwasher drain
C3Will not go into drainCall for service
C4Water over-fill faultCheck for high water pressure to unit, usually an indication of a bad water inlet valve
C5Low water fillCheck for low water pressure to unit, usually an indication of a bad water inlet valve
C6Water temperature too low after 20 minute extensionCheck heating element and thermostat, both should have continuity
C7Temperature sensor badReplace sensor (located inside door, remove door panel to access)
C8Detergent cup blockedKeep objects clear of cup when loading