Gorenje dishwasher error codes

You may be very disappointed when your Gorenje dishwasher stops working and shows a fault code. However, this situation gives you a chance to discover an engineering talent in yourself. Find the code in the list of Gorenje dishwasher error codes below and try the solutions offered. It may well happen that you are capable of resolving Gorenje dishwasher problems without any help and in much shorter time than you had expected.

Gorenje GV series, KGV series dishwasher error codes

E1Dishwasher fails to fill with water
If the pressure switch or sensor does not detect that the dishwasher has filled with water inside four minutes the buzzer will sound for thirty seconds and the LED will flash, the drain pump will then be run for sixty seconds and the program aborts.
Check water supply
Check wiring to water valve
Check wiring to pressure switch or sensor
Check water valve
Check pressure sensor or water level sensor
E2Dishwasher not draining
Dishwasher fails to detect that the water has drained out detected in four minutes, program aborted.
Check water drainage
Check drain pump wiring
Check drain pump
E3Dishwasher times out when heating
No heat detected in sixty minutes, program aborted.
Check wiring to heater and thermostats
Check water heating element
Check thermostats
E4Aquastop protection circuit activated
A micro-switch on the Aquastop leak detection system has been switched on for more than two minutes. The dishwasher will shut off the water inlet valve and drain the water aborting the program.
Check for water leaks
Check float in the base of the dishwasher
Check the Aquastop hose if fitted
E5Not used
E6Short circuit detected on the temperature sensorCheck water heating sensor wiring
Check temperature sensor
E7Temperature sensor detected as open circuit