Haier washer troubleshooting

One of the most well-known Chinese white goods and consumer electronics manufacturers, Haier is based in Qingdao, Shandong province. It manufactures a wide range of products, including washing machines, air conditioning systems, mobile phones, refrigerators, and ovens.
The company plays a leading role in the white goods market globally. Euro monitor stated that in 2008-2014 Haier had the largest market share in domestic appliances.
Is your Haier washer not draining, not spinning or is there any other issue? The table below will help you to resolve several most common problems associated with washer repair. Identify the symptom (for instance, a washing machine wont spin) and try the possible solutions given next to the symptom in the table below.
Haier HWF5300AW washer troubleshooting
Haier HWM100-198 washer troubleshooting
Haier MTD3 washer troubleshooting
Haier PFL510W-u washer troubleshooting

Haier HWF5300AW  washer troubleshooting

Haier HWF5300AW is a front-loading washing machine. The model features a convenient touch sensitive control panel. It offers 10 washing programs, including Quick, White, Heavy Duty, Greenwash, and Handwash. In addition to this, a user is free to choose one of three soil levels and one of four rinse levels. Also, the washer has six temperature levels and spin speeds.

ProblemPossible CauseSolution
Noise in Button / Coin Trap* Foreign objects such as coins or safety pins may be in drum or trap.Stop washer and check drum and trap filter. If noise continues after washer is restarted, call for service.
Vibrating noise* Have all the transportation bolts and packing been removed?
* Wash load may be unevenly distributed in the drum.Stop washer and rearrange wash load.
* Are all the feet resting firmly on the ground?Adjust the leveling leg.
Make sure all four legs are in firm contact with the floor or the pedastal.
Water leaks* Fill hose connection is loose at tap or washer.Check and tighten hose connections.
* House drain pipes are clogged.Unclog drain pipe. Contact plumber if necessary.
Excessive suds* Too much detergent or unsuitable detergent.Reduce detergent amount or use low sudsing detergent.
Your washer is designed specially to use only HE "High Efficiency" detergent
Water does not enter washer or it enters slowly* Water supply is not adequate in area.Check another tap in the house.
* Water supply tap is not completely open.Fully open tap.
* Water inlet hose is bent.Straighten hose.
* The filter of the inlet hose clogged.Check the filter of the inlet hose.
* Water pressure is less than 0.03MPaCheck water pressure.
Wafer in the washer does not drain or drains slowlyDrain hose is bent or clogged.Clean and straighten the drain hose.
The Button/Coin trap is clogged.Clean the Button/Coin trap.
Check height of drain hose it should be less than 96"..
Washer does not startElectrical power cord may not be plugged in or connection may be loose.Make sure plug fits tightly in wall outlet.
Washer won't spinHouse fuse is blown, circuit breaker tripped, or a power outage has occurred.Reset circuit breaker or replace fuse. Do not increase fuse capacity.
Water supply tap is not turned on.If problem is a circuit overload, have it corrected by a qualified electrician.
Check that the door is firmly shut.Turn on water supply tap.
Close the door and Touch the Start/Pause pad. After Touching the Start/Pause pad, it may take a few moments before the clothes washer begins to spin.
Long wash cycle timeThe washing time may vary with the amount of laundry, water pressure, water temperature, and other using conditions.If imbalance is detected or if the suds removing program operates, the wash time shall be increased.
Washer odorDoes not use HE detergent. Stains under the door seal.Use only HE detergent. Wipe off the stains.
Leave door ajar after use.
The door cannot be unlocked by touching the Start/Pause pad to stop the washer.The water temperature or the level is high.Drain the wafer by using Rinse&/Spin cycle. (The door may be opened after the Rinse&/Spin cycle is complete.)
The wafer supply and drainage does not stopCheck that the height of the drain hose is below 30".Adjust the height of the drain hose.
Check if the end of the drain hose is in the water.Place the end of the drain hose away from the water surface.

Haier HWM100-198  washer troubleshooting

One of the most popular washing machines produced by the Chinese white goods manufacturer Haier, the HWM100-198 model belongs to the range of automatic washers. It provides three water temperature options, including Hot (111F), Warm (90-110F), or Cold (70-90F). Also, a user may vary the water level, from High (88L) and Medium (about 60L) to Low (38L).

PhenomenanThe reasonHow to settle
In washing,rinsing,spinning, the machine stops running.• The top lid is not closed.• Close the top lid.
No water filling or filling slowly• Is the drain hose put down?• Put down the drain hose.Open and close the top lid once.
• Is the drain hose blocked by foreign material?• Clean the foreign material. Open and close the top lid once.
• Is the water pressure lower?• Wait for the normal water pressure before use.
The machine does not act.• Is there power failure?• Use it when the power is on
• Is the power plug loose?• Insert the power plug tightly.
There's abnormal sound inside the machine.• Is the machine slanting?• Level the machine properly
• Are the laundries slanting in spinning?• Re-order the laundries.
The water faucet leaks.• Is the jointer screw of the water inlet hose is loose or twisted awry?• Fasten the jointer screw properly.
During draining, the washer continues draining when push in programme selector knob.• It is special phenomena for washer with pump.• If do not need continue draining, you can raise the entrance of drain hose and let water flow back inner tub. .

Haier MTD3  washer troubleshooting

Haier MTD3 is a tumble dryer intended for up to 3.5 kg of laundry. The model offers three heat levels, including Soft for delicate items and Strong for particularly bulky items. Also, a user is free to select any of the five drying combinations: Air Dry (for clothes that require freshening), Hot, Cool (to cool items and prevent creasing), Anti Wrinkle, and Warm.

ProblemPossible CauseWhat to do
Timer knob does not turn• Is the power cord inserted firmly?• Insert the power cord firmly
Drum does not turn• Is the door closed?• Close the door.
• Is the power cord inserted?• Insert the power cord firmly.
• Does the receptacle have power?• Check the power cord receptacle.
Hot air is not blowing out• Is the timer incorrectly set on cold air?• Set the timer to hot air.
The laundry is not thoroughly dried• Are the front and back filters clogged?• Clean the filter.
• Is there too much laundry in the dryer?• Reduce the amount in the dryer.
• Have items been added whilst the dryer is in operation?• Re-dry the items again.
• Has the laundry become twisted whilst drying?• Untwist the items and re-dry.
• Has the dryer been placed in a small and badly ventilated area?• Place the dryer in a well-vented area.
Dryer does not start• Is there a power failure?• Try again when there is power
• Is the power cord inserted firmly?• Insert the power cord firmly
• Is the door closed?• Close the door
• Is the timer in the OFF position?• Set the dry time

Haier PFL510W-u  washer troubleshooting

The PFL510W-u is a front-loading washing machine manufactured by one of the world’s leading white goods brands Haier. In addition to a basic set of function, this washer has such features as Extra rinse (at most three times), Quick wash, Intense, Foam self-detect (adds rinse time automatically until the clothes are cleaned), Eccentric protection (protects the washer if the clothes are not evenly distributed), and Power-down memory.

ProblemPossible cause
The washing machine fails to operate1.Poor connection to power supply
2.Power failure
3.Door is not properly closed
4.Machine has not been switched on
Washing machine can not be fille with water1 .Water tap is not turned on
2.Water pressure is less than 0.03 MPa
3.The inlet hose is kinked
4.Water supply failure
5.The program dial is not properly set
6.The door is not properly closed
7.The inlet hose filter is blocked
The machine is draining while is being filled1.The height of the drainage hose is below 80cm(if should be within 80-100cm)
2.The drainage hose end is in water
Drainage failure1.Drainage hose is blocked
2.Drainage hose end is exceed 100cm above the floor
3.The filter is blocked
Strong vibration during spin1.Not all packing bolts have been removed
2.Washing machine is located on an uneven surface or is nor level
3.Machine load is over 5 kg
Operation stops before completion of a wash cycleWater or electricity failure
Operation stops for a period of times1.Washing machine is in anti-crease soaking cycle
2.Washing machine gives en error message
Excessive foam in the drum, which is spilled to the distribution drawer1.The detergent is not a low-foaming type or for manual wash
2.Excessive use of detergent