Hitachi washing machine error codes

In case of breakage of household appliances the owner can call the repairman, contact the nearest service center or try to fix the problem yourself. In any case, the manual will be necessary. Below there is a table with Hitachi error code of the washing machine of this brand. You can find the code description, what needs to be done and the possible solution.

Error codeDescriptionThings to checkSolution
COLaundry overload• Check if the laundry overload?Decrease the laundry amount
C1Water is not supplied• Is the tap open?Check the tap, water supply inlet filter, water pipes, and water supply hose.
• Has dirt collected in the water supply inlet filter?
• Are the water pipes or water supply hose frozen?
• Has the water supply been disrupted?
C2Water does not drain• Is the drain hose blocked?Check the drain hose and the drain outlet.
• Is the drain hose twisted, crushed, or frozen?
• Is the drain hose connected correctly?
• Is the drain outlet too high?
C3The tub does not spin• Is the lid open?Close the lid.
C4• Is the laundry all on one side of the tub?Add a few more items to wash. (If there is only one item in the tub, it is likely to become unbalanced.)
• Does the laundry include too many thick items like cotton blankets or jeans or too many large items like sheets?
• Is the washing machine wobbling, or is the floor under the washing machine slanted?
• Are there any unwashable things in the tub?
C8The lid cannot be locked• Is the lid closed?Check that the lid is completely closed. Check that there are no foreign objects in the lock.
• Are there any foreign objects in the lock?
C9The lid lock cannot be released• Are there any foreign objects in the lock?Turn the power off and then on again and wait a little while. If the lid is still locked, contact a service center for repair.
ChThe spinning speed is not reached the specified value.• Check if the amount of powder detergent is too much?Check the amount of powder detergent putting, check the drain hose and installation of drain hose.
• Check if the drain hose is clogged?
• Check if the drain hose is installed correctly?