Hotpoint washer troubleshooting

The Hotpoint brand is owned by two companies. The right to sell these appliances in Europe belongs to Whirlpool, while the General Electric holds North American rights. It is also worth to point out that General Electric agreed to sell its household appliance division (to which Hotpoint belongs) to an Italian company Merloni.
The Hotpoint Electric Heating Company is known as a manufacturer of rather reliable washing machines. So it is not that often that they experience major problems. If an issue occurs (for instance, you washer is not spinning), try the solutions suggested in the tables below. These tables were created by washer repair experts. They can be useful for both professional technicians and homeowners. The tables include the most common malfunctions (the washer wont spin, won’t drain, won’t dry the laundry etc.).
Hotpoint WDD 750 washer troubleshooting
Hotpoint VBSR3100 washer troubleshooting

Hotpoint WDD 750  washer troubleshooting

The WDD 750 is among the most well-known models of washer dryers manufactured by the multinational brand Hotpoint. It has a Child lock feature, which deactivates the control panel, and the Delay start button. Also, the washing machine has a Memory button and a Standby mode, which is enabled after about half an hour if no activity is detected.

Problem:Possible causes / Solutions:
The machine does not switch on.• The appliance is not plugged into the socket full/, or not enough to make contact.
• There is no power to the socket, or the fuse has blown in the mains plug.
The wash cycle does not start.• The door is not closed property.
• The ON/OFF button has not been pressed.
• The START/PAUSE button has not been pressed.
• The water tap has not been turned on to allow water to flow into the machine.
• The ‘DELAY TIMER' has been selected.
• The 'CHILD LOCK' is activated
The machine does not dry.• Check the 2 sections above.
• The 'DRY' button has been pressed to exclude drying.
The clothes are too hot when the drying cycle is finished.• A cooling-down period is always added to the end of each drying cycle. If the clothes appear too hot to handle leave the door open to allow to cool further before removing from the machine.
The machine does not fill with water or ‘No Water, Check Supply’ is shown in the display window.• The water inlet hose is kinked.
• The water inlet hose is not connected to the water supply.
• The water pressure is too low.
• The water tap has not been turned on to allow water to flow into the machine.
• There is no water supply to the house.
• The inlet valve filter is blocked.
• The START/PAUSE button has not been pressed.
The machine continuously fills with water and continually drains away or Water left in the drum or Stuck on wash.
• The top of the drain hose is too low - It must be fitted at a height between 65 and 100 cm from the floor
• The drain hose is connected incorrectly to the sink trap allowing water to run into the machine, the drain hose must be positioned higher than the bottom of the sink to prevent water fbwing down the drain hose
• The end of the drain hose has been pushed too far down the standpipe, the
•U' bracket should be fitted 100 mm from the end of the drain hose.
The machine does not drain or spin - ‘START/PAUSE’ flashing orange.• The Pump filter is blocked
• The drain hose is kinked.
• New Installation - The blanking cap or spigot has not been removed if connected under a sink.
• The drain hose or sink trap is blocked.
The machine does spin.• The spin speed is set to ‘OFF’.
The machine does not drain or spin - ‘REDUCED CREASES’ & ‘START/ PAUSE’ flashing orange and message in display.• The 'REDUCED CREASES' optbn is enabled, at the end of the program the machine drum will rotate slowly and 'END OF CYCLE' will appear in the display. To complete the program press either the ‘REDUCED CREASES' or the 'EASY IRON' buttons
• The ‘SILK/CURTAINS' program is selected, at the end of the program it will not drain and 'RINSE HOLD' wfl appear in the display. To complete the program press either the 'START/PAUSE' or ‘REDUCED CREASES' buttons
The wash programme takes too long.• Programme times will vary due to water pressure, the incoming water temperature and if the wash bad goes out of balance. This wfl increase the programme time accordingly
The Display sticks at one ‘time to end’ for more than 1 Minute or the Display changes the estimated ‘Time to End’ during the programme.• The display time is for guidance only - it is not a precise time to finish and may vary.

Hotpoint VBSR3100 washer troubleshooting

Although the Hotpoint VBSR3100 can’t boast a wide variety of washing options, it provides everything one can expect from a basic washer. To ensure the washing process is as efficient as possible, a user may vary settings according to the load size. Also, the model gives a chance to vary the water temperature for the wash and rinse cycles depending on the degree of soil.

WATERPossible CausesWhat To Do
Too many sudsType of detergent• Switch to a lower sudsing detergent brand and follow instructions on package.
Very soft water• Try less detergent.
Too much detergent• Measure your detergent carefully. Use less soap if you have soft water, a smaller load, or a lightly' soiled load.
Water leaksFill hoses or drain hose is improperly connected• Make sure hose connections are tight at faucets and rubber washers are installed. Make sure end of drain hose Ls correctly inserted in and secured to drain facility.
Household drain may be clogged• Check household plumbing. You may need to call a plumber.
Constant water pressure to die fill hoses at the water source• Tighten hoses at the faucets and turn the water off after each use.
• Check condition of the fill hoses; they should be replaced every 5 years.
Using too much detergent in washer• Use less detergent. Use less soap if you haw soft water, a smaller load, or a lightly soiled load.
Water temperature seems incorrectCooler water temperatures provide improved energy efficiency• New' laundry detergents haw been formulated to work with cooler water temperatures without affecting wash performance.
Control is not set properly• Check water temperature control (on some models) or Cycle knob and adjust.
Water supply is turned off or improperly connected• Turn both hot and cold faucets fully on and make sure hoses are connected to correct faucets.
Water valve screens are stopped up• Turn off die water source and remov e die water connection hoses from the upper back of the washer. Use a brush or toothpick to clean the screens in the machine. Reconnect the hoses and turn the water back on.
House water heater is not set properly• Make sure house water heater is delivering water at 120°F-140°F (48oC-60°C).
Water won't drainDrain hose is kinked or improperly connected• Straighten drain hose and make sure washer is not sitting on it
• Top of drain outlet should be less than 8 ft. (2.5 m) above floor.
Washer pauses during wash cycleThe washer normally pauses between washing steps
Washer pauses during spin cycleThis is normal• The washer may pause during the spin cycle to remove soapy water more efficiently.
Washer won't operateWasher is unplugged• Make sure cord is plugged securely into a working outlet.
Water supply is turned off• Turn both hot and cold faucets hilly on.
Controls are not set proper!• Check controls and make sure Cycle knob is pulled out to ON position.
Lid is open—safety feature prevents agitation and spinning when lid is up• Close lid and reset cycle, to the beginning if necessary.
Circuit breaker/fuse is tripped/blown• Check house circuit breakers/fttses. Replace fuses or reset breaker. Washer should have separate outlet
Colored spotsIncorrect use of fabric softener• Check fabric softener package for instructions and follow directions for using dispenser.
• Pretreat stain and rewash.
Dye transfer• Sort whites or lightly colored items from dark colors.
Grayed or yellowed clothesNot enough detergent• Use more detergent (especially with larger loads). Be sure to follow detergent manufacturers directions.
Hard water• Use a water conditioner like Calgon brand or install a water softener.
Water is not hot enough• Make sure water heater Ls delivering water at 120°F-140C,F (48°C-60°C).
Washer is overloaded• Select load size to match clothes load.
Detergent is not dissolving• Add detergent as wash basket fills with water before you load clothes.
Dye transfer• Sort clothes by color. If fabric label states wash separately, unstable dyes may be indicated.
Lint or residue on clothesClothes are air or line dried• If you do not dry your clothes with a clothes dryer, your clothes may retain more lint.
Incorrect sorting• Separate lint producers from lint collectors.
WTashing too long• Wash small loads for a shorter time than larger loads.
Detergent not dissolving• Add detergent as wash basket fills with water before you load clothes.
• Try' a liquid detergent
• Use warmer water temperature.
Overloading• Load clothes no higher than the top row of holes in the washer basket.
• Make sure load size selected matches clothes load size.
Incorrect use of fabric softener• Check fabric softener package for instructions and follow directions for using dispenser.
PillingResult of normal wear on poly-cotton blends and fuzzy fabrics• While tills is not caused by the washer, you can slow the pilling process by washing garments inside out
Snags, holes, tears, rips or excessive wearPins, snaps, hooks, sharp buttons, belt buckles, zippers and sharp objects left in pockets• Fasten snaps, hooks, buttons and zippers.
• Remove loose items like pins, objects in pockets and sharp buttons.
• Turn knits (which snag easily) inside out.
Undiluted chlorine bleach• Check bleach package instructions for proper amount.
• Never add undiluted bleach to wash or allow clothes to come in contact with undiluted bleach.
Chemicals like hair bleach or dye, permanent wave solution• Rinse items that may have chemicaLs on them before washing.
WrinklingImproper sorting• Avoid mixing heavy items (like work clothes) with light items (like blouses).
• Try a fabric softener.
Overloading or incorrect water level• Load your washer so clothes have enough room to move freely with water covering all of the clothes.
Incorrect wash and dry cycles• Match Cycle selection to the type of fabric you are washing (especially for easy' care loads).
Repeated washing in water that is too hot• Wash in warm or cold water.
Washer is noisyWasher is uneven• To level the front of the washer, adjust the front leveling legs by rotating the individual leg in the proper direction for up or down. To level back of washer, lift back of machine 4" (11 cm) and set down.
Washer load is unbalanced• Push the Cycle knob in to stop the washer, open the lid and redlsuibute the load evenly. Close the lid and restart
Shipping rod is still assembled in unit• To remove shipping rod from washer, pull yellow tag and attached rod from the bouom right hand side of washer.
Washer is sitting too close to wall (causes knocking during cycle)• Pull washer away from the wall; about 4" (11 cm) is needed.
Labels on the exterior of the washer will not peel off cleanlyOccasionally the adhesive used on the labels does not release cleanly• Use a hair dryer set at the lowest heat setting, directing the air at the label for a short amount of time. This will release the adhesive easily, without damaging the surface of the washer.