Indesit washing machine f05 error codeF05 may appear due to minor faults and due to serious malfunctions of the household unit. However, there is no need to panic as all the troubles can be solved.

Error F05 in Indesit washing machine occurs after it ceases to drain the water from the drum, which causes many side effects. There are three causes for this:

  • the drain hose is very clogged, the water does not flow into the sewer pipes;
  • the most common malfunction is the breakdown of the drain pump;
  • water level sensor malfunction, that is, the perception of false information as true.

The breakdown of the sensor implies the completion of the drainage process during the pumping of water when the program has already formed a signal that there is no liquid in the drum. As a result, the software of the device fails and error F05 appears.

When the hose is clogged, the drain pump – while trying to drain water –idles and begins to make specific sounds. The same thing occurs with the failure of the pump.

Removing error F 05 and small nuances

In order to fix the failure, you need to first look for possible clogs. They can be formed in any spot the drain line.

In order to check the filter, you need to open the compartment which is usually located in the lower part of the machine. You also need to have a rag or a small basin. Behind the cover of the panel there is a plastic or rubber seal with a mini hose behind it. It is designed to drain waste water. It is worth to rinse it. If there is no clogging, then move on to the drain hose.

It is strongly recommended to check the sewer opening before the manipulations, you need to:

  • take a bucket for collecting the drained liquid;
  • gently squeeze the clamp fixing the drain hose on the sewer hole;
  • drain the remaining water;
  • remove the filter;
  • unscrew the bolt securing the pump to the device;
  • put the washing machine on the side;
  • remove the pump from the bottom;
  • loosen the hose clamp;
  • remove the hose from the housing:
  • thoroughly clean it;
  • re-assemble the appliance.

The drain pipe needs to be checked for clogs and washed if necessary; it is disconnected from the pump and the drum. The absence of critical clogs is not a reason for assembling the machine. It is necessary to disassemble, rinse, and clean the pump. Replacement is another alternative.