Ipso washing machine error codes

IPSO brand washing machines are manufactured in Belgium and are well known for the high quality and reliability. But they are not insured against breakdowns. To deal with the problem yourself and quickly, you will need the table below. It presents IPSO washer error codes and ways to solve the problem with a description of the cause of the faults.

E3The Eprom is wrong, replace it by another
E3 + 5For coin op machines, it is possible that a program number appears on the right display in combination with E3.
This indicates a wrong price adjustment for this program. A coin value “0” or bigger than 441000" was programmed.
Example: wrong price adjustment for program 5
E4Water level
The appropriate water level was not reached after 15 minutes
The wash bath did not reach the required temperature after 80 minutes of
E6Door lock
The door lock was released during the wash cycle
E7Safety level
The water was insufficiently drained, the machine did not spin and the water is possibly still inside the tub
E8Temperature sensor
The temperature sensor is probably broken or malfunctioning
E9Motor protection
The thermo-magnetic protection was activated 5 times