Kenmore washer error code f51

This error code occurs regardless of cycle. If you see it on the screen, please, do the following:

  1. Open the lid and check the basket: it should be moving without hitches. If it is, go over to Step 2. If it is not, remove the basket and check the basket hub located on its bottom. There may be debris or clothes stuck between the baskets and blocking them. Remove them and test-run the washer.
  2. Tilt the machine backwards, get to the motor (at the bottom) and remove the rotor and the stator (1 and 4 bolts respectively). It is highly advisable that all these actions be performed by a qualified technician!

Make sure that all plastic beads that are placed between each rotor magnet are in place and intact. If they are not, they will not be able to separate magnets’ poles, the sensor won’t read the signal properly, and the F51 fault code will appear.

Next thing you should do is check the stator and wiring harness: it could have gotten twisted one or several times when it was installed by the manufacturer or during the previous repair. This can cause the F51 error to appear, because normally there is just one connection on the RPS board, and twists can mess up the connection where the Connector plugs into the board. As a result, one end is lifted, and connection fails.

  1. Reset the PRS sensor: disconnect and connect it 5-7 times to ensure the pins are clear and contacting well. Then clamp it back on the wire harness and make sure the connector is firmly attached to the terminal, and the connection is not loose.