LG washer FE errorLG washing machine stopped working normally: it stops in the middle of the washing cycle and it constantly drains water after the filling. The owner sees error FE on the display.

LG washer without a control display indicates an error by flashing or blinking “Prewash” – “Main wash” indicators. In addition, the fabrics indicators might be blinking as well: blanket (voluminous things), wool, synthetics.

How to read the error code

Please note that error code FE in the LG washing machines is displayed both during the water intake, and in the rinse or laundry mode. What does the error indicate: the system signals that the washing drum is overfilled with water or the water has reached the maximum permissible level.

What should we do and how to fix the problem? First, you need to find the cause of error FE.

Causes of malfunction and solution of the problem

You can try to restart the LJ washing machine on your own. This method allows you to eliminate the failure of the electronic board and reset the error.

Remove the plug from the socket, and let the LG washing machine rest for 15-20 minutes. Once connected, check whether the fault code FE is on the display again. If so, move on to the next step.

The cause of error FE may hide in excessive foam formation during washing. This is possible if you load too light lace laundry (tablecloth, tulle) or fill the drum with too much of laundry.

Do not lose sight of the spoiled powder or the one not suitable for machine washing. How to fix the situation:

  1. Stop the washing and manually drain the water from the drum.
  2. Take out the laundry. Let the LG machine dry out within 24 hours.

Probable failures causing error FE

Let us take a look at the faults that precede the occurrence of error code FE, and the solutions of this problem:

  • The water inlet valve might be out order. The valve may lose flexibility over time, its springs become weak, allowing the water to leak through. As a result, it leads to an overflow, the system reacts with error FE, and the LG washing machine fills and drains the water at the same time. Only the change of the intake valve will help.
  • LG washing machine began washing and then drained the water. Then it stops completely or starts continuously filling the water. The display shows error FE. The cause is in the malfunction of the pressure switch, which monitors the water level in the drum. Check its hose for clogs and wash it under the water if necessary. If everything is normal, you need to change the pressure switch itself.
  • If the control unit fails, you will notice: the machine stops being either full of water, or empty – after draining. The display shows error code FE. This can happen during washing or rinsing. It is important to inspect the control board, repair the burnt elements as much as possible, or replace the control unit itself.
  • Check the wiring between the controller on the control board and the pressure switch. Maybe the connections are damaged or the wires are rubbed. The machine will display the code when washing or rinsing and then it will no longer start again. Inspect the wiring, isolate the damaged areas. If this is not possible – replace the entire cable.

Do not forget to adhere to safety precautions when repairing the machine. Using the recommendations above, you can fix the error on your own.