LG washing machine error code clLG washing machines display not only error codes, but also informational messages. You need to carefully read the manual in order to learn how to recognize such messages.

If your washing machine displays error code CL and you cannot set the wash mode, do not worry. Let’s see what it means.

What does the code CL mean?

If the LG washing machine displays error CL, this does not necessarily indicate a breakdown. This code informs the owner about the enabled child protection mode. Therefore, the panel with buttons is blocked – this feature prevents the kids from pressing the buttons during washing.

Small children can either reset the program or turn off the washing and eventually break the LG washer. Multifunctional equipment offer many functions, so its panel is too sensitive and susceptible to breakage. The security code is designed to protect it from possible threats.

Why the code appears

As we already mentioned, error code CL (Child Lock) error does not report a malfunction.

You filled the drum with laundry, turned the washing on, but the machine does not make any sounds – only CL sign flashes on the display. The trick is that if the lock was set once, then it keeps being active during the next washings, even if the LG washing machine was turned off from the power grid.

The error will be displayed until it is turned off.

How to solve the problem

How to fix the situation on your own and remove the blocking?

You need to press the key combination on the control panel in order to remove error CL. Each LG model may have different combination. We give an example of the most common commands. You need to push two buttons for three seconds to launch the command:

  • Pre-wash + Super rinse.
  • Extra wash + Intensive wash.
  • Temperature + Optional key.

For more detailed information, read the LG washing machine user’s manual. It should help to reset error CL.

Please note that the layout and location of the buttons may vary. They can be placed under or above the display, or to the left of it.