LG washing machine error code pe

You are trying to start the program, but the LG washing machine displays error PE on the display and refuses to wash. Perhaps, for the first time error PE appeared during washing, rinsing or spinning, and since then it appears constantly.

In the LG models without a screen, this error is highlighted by the indicators of wash, rinse and spin – they all blink or flash at the same time.

Error description

Error code PE means that there is an issue with the water level sensor (pressure switch), which measures the amount of water in the drum. The LG washing machine “does not understand” how much water is in the drum and does not start washing.

PE is a rather rare error and the name itself explains the cause of its occurrence. However, sometimes it’s not a matter of a broken water level switch (pressure switch), and the error can be fixed without any assistance.

PE error – in which cases you can fix it yourself

  • If the error appears for the first time, try to unplug the machine for 10–15 minutes, and then plug it in again. Maybe there was a failure in the control module – the brains of the LG machine – and a reboot will help get rid of it.
  • If the washing machine fills and immediately drains the water, and then displays error code PE, the reason may hide in the wrong installation. The drain is located below the level of the drum which is why the water goes into the sewer and the error appears. Connect the washing machine to the sewage system on your own or use RemBytTech professional installation service.
  • Check the wiring connections leading to the pressure switch. Perhaps they were disconnected and require attention.

If these tips did not help to fix error PE, then a breakdown occurred, and your LG washing machine needs professional repair.