LG washing machine error code ue

Your washing machine unsuccessfully tries to spin the laundry, but the drum is not gaining enough speed. Then you see error code UE on the display.

Note: different models of LG washing machines display this error in their own way. These can be two capital letters UE or different-sized letters uE. It is important to make difference between these combinations.

Explanation and causes of the error code

If your LG washing machine has no display, the system will notify the error code with LED indicators. In this case, the lights can blink or flash together:

  • All LEDs of Spin mode.
  • All LEDs from first to sixth.

What do the different combinations on the display mean:

  • The combination of small and large letters (uE) does not require your intervention. Error code uE informs the user about issues with a drum balance. The cause may hide in uneven distribution of laundry. The LG machine corrects the imbalance on its own, gradually filling and draining water.
  • Error code UE consisting of two capital letters will appear if the machine fails. Your help is required.

What to do and how to solve the problem? Understanding the causes of the error code is the first thing to do.

DIY repair

If you notice error UE on the LG washing machine display, you need to take the following actions:

  1. Open the door and manually distribute the laundry in the drum. Because of the lumps, the machine cannot do it itself.
  2. Perhaps you have put too much or too little laundry inside. In this case, the system will not let the spin start. Correct the situation by removing the laundry or filling the drum.
  3. If the LG washer stands uneven and at the wrong level it may lead to an imbalance. Return LG washer to normal position.
  4. Resetting the system will help to clear the error. Unplug the power cord and wait 15-20 minutes. If the error is gone, then everything is in order.

If there is a serious malfunction, then these actions will not help. Try to detect a breakdown looking at external signs:

  • During operation, error UE is on the display, the hum and roar are heard, and oily spots may appear under the machine. This means that bearings or seals are faulty. You will have to take the washer apart to replace the parts.
  • If the error code UE appears regularly, and the LG washer does not spin the laundry, then the cause is in the control module. You need to get to the unit, and then check, repair or replace it.

When the spin program is running, the drum is not gaining momentum, the error appears all the time – the drive belt is stretched or worn. You will need to replace the belt to eliminate the imbalance.

The code is displayed continuously in the “Wash”, “Rinse”, “Spin” modes. The tachometer is likely to be broken. This device controls the speed of the drum rotation.

Error code UE appears for various reasons, so follow the recommendations and try to solve the problem at home.