Maytag dishwasher error codes

The Maytag Corporation is one of the largest household and commercial appliance manufacturers in the US. It belongs to the Whirlpool Corporation since 2006.

If your dishwasher is not working, it is important to be able to determine which part is to blame. To do this, use the error code shown on the display. It will help you identify the problem area and fix the dishwasher.

Maytag 860S dishwasher error codes

DisplayType of faultAction
OverfillingToo much water in the machine
Water inlet faultFault in the water inletCheck that the tap is open
Inlet valve leakageInlet valve leakageShut off the tap and phone for service
Drainage faultBlocked drain
Blocked filterClogged filterClean filters

Maytag 760S Use dishwasher error codes

Display Type of faultAction
flashesToo much water in the dishwasherPhone service
Fault with water inletCheck that the water tap is open
Valve leakageSwitch off the water tap and con- tact service
Blocked drain
Clogged filterClean the filters