Maytag maxima washer error codes e01 f08

This error occurs when a washer’s flow meter cannnot to detect water filling the washer. When it happens, the meter signals a problem by displaying the error code. If it happens, there are ways to solve it without calling a technician. Do the following:

  • Disconnect the cold and hot water fill hoses and put their ends in a bucket or bath;
  • Briefly turn on the taps and check the water pressure;
  • If the pressure is ok, check the inlet valve screens for lime buildup or debris.

If the screens are clear, the valve itself needs to be replaced. Do the following:

  • Remove the top of the washer;
  • Undo the three screws on the back of the top panel;
  • Push the top back and off;
  • Remove the wirre harness, which is connected to the valves;
  • Undo the screw, which holds the valve to the cabinet, check the valve closely and repair it.

Finally, you should check the fill hoses. If you are using steel-braided flood-safe ones, you are more likely to face problems. Replace them with traditional ones. If there are no visible causes of slow water flow, you may need to replace the electronic inlet water valve.