Neff dishwasher error codes

One of the oldest household appliance manufacturers, NEFF was established in 1877. It produces modular dishwashers, as well as semi- and fully-integrated dishwashers.

Below you will find information about the most effective ways of resolving NEFF dishwasher issues. Check out the error code or the symptom your appliance is experiencing in the table below and try the suggested solutions.

FaultCauseRemedial action
“Check water supply” display 3 lights up.Supply hose kinked.Install supply hose without kinks.
Tap turned off.Turn on the tap.
Tap jammed or calcified.Turn on the tap. Flow rate must be min. 10 l/min. when water supply is open.
Filter in the water supply blocked.Switch off the appliance and pull out the mains plug. Turn off the tap. Unscrew water connection.
Error code E22 is lit.Filters 1271 are soiled or blocked.
Error code E24 is lit.Waste water hose is blocked or kinked.Install hose without kinks, remove any residue.
Siphon connection still sealed.Check connection to siphon and open if required.
Cover on the waste water pump loose.Lock cover correctly.
Error code E25 is lit.Waste water pump blocked or cover on the waste water pump is not locked in position.Clean pump and lock cover correctly.
Error code E27 is lit.Mains voltage too low.Not an appliance fault, have the mains voltage and electrical installation checked.
A different error code is indicated on the digital display. (E01 to E30)A technical fault has probably occurred.Switch off appliances with the ON/OFF switch 1 1 I. After a short time restart the appliance.
If the problem recurs, turn off the tap and pull out the mains plug. Call customer service and mention the error code.
Display flashesDoor not closed properly.Close the door. Ensure that no objects (utensil, fragrance dispenser) are protruding over the basket and preventing the door from closing.
Refill indicator for salt 4 and/or rinse-aid 5 is lit.No rinse aid.Refill rinse aid.
No salt.Refill with special salt.
Sensor does not detect salt tablets.Use different special salt.
Refill indicator for salt 4 and/or rinse-aid 5 is not lit.Refill indicator switched off.Activation/deactivation
There is still enough special salt/ rinse aid available.Check refill indicator, levels.
Water is left in the appliance at the end of the programme.Filter system or area under the filters 1271 is blocked.Clean filters and area underneath
The programme has not yet ended.Wait until programme ends or reset