Panasonic washing machine error codes

There may be different systems of error codes for different models of home appliances of the same brand. To use the system of error code the owner of the equipment of any brand will need a good manual. Below there are 2 tables in each of which there are Panasonic error codes of 2 models of washing machines. Thanks to the manual you can find out a way to troubleshoot.

Panasonic NA – 148VB6 washing machine error codes

ErrorWhat to do
Door is open
Make sure that the door is closed properly.
Unable to supply water
Check for any of the following problems.
- The tap is closed.
- The water pipe or hose is frozen.
- The water supply has been disrupted.
- The water supply filter is clogged.
Unable to drain
Check the drain hose for any of the following problems.
- There is a clog in the hose.
- The hose tip is immersed in water.
- It extends with joints.
- The water is frozen.
Clean the drain filter if it clogs up.
Check for any of following problems.
- The water supply valve has failed.
- The water supply valve triac has failed.
Switch off and unplug the appliance. Shut off the tap and contact your local Customer Service Centre.

Panasonic NA-168VX2 washing machine error codes

Error code What to do
Unable to drain
Check the drain hose, making sure
• it isn’t clogged up
• its tip isn’t immersed in water
• it doesn’t extend further than 3 metres
• the water isn’t frozen.
• Cleaning the drain filter
Door is open
• Make sure the door is shut properly.
Unable to spin-dry
• The laundry may be too heavy. If so, unravel a tangle of items.
• The laundry may be too light. If so, add one or two bath towels.
• One or more items may be too large, such as blankets. If so, reduce the load.
• The washing machine may be on an unstable or uneven surface.
Unable to supply water
• Check the tap is open.
• Check the water pipe or hose isn’t frozen.
• Check the water supply hasn't been disrupted.
• Check the water-supply valve filter isn't clogged
Drain filter is not set
• Make sure the drain filter is set properly
H01•An error display starting with H doesn’t sound the buzzer. Press the power OFF button. If the display stays on, or it reappears when you press the START button, unplug the washing machine and contact your nearest Customer Service Centre