Samsung dryer troubleshooting

The South Korean company Samsung manufactures several model ranges of clothes dryers.
Samsung dryer repair may seem quite a challenging task, yet experience shows, that even homeowners without special training are often capable of troubleshooting such appliances. Trying the solutions provided in the tables below won’t take much time, yet these simple actions may bring your dryer back to life.
Samsung DV350AE Series dryer troubleshooting
Samsung DV5471AEPXAA dryer troubleshooting
Samsung steam dryer troubleshooting

Samsung DV350AE Series dryer troubleshooting

Doesn’t run.• Make sure the door is latched shut.
• Be sure the power cord is plugged into a live electrical outlet.
• Check the home’s circuit breaker and fuses.
• Press the Start/Pause button again if the door is opened during the cycle.
Doesn’t heat.• Check the home’s circuit breaker and fuses.
• On a gas dryer, check that the gas supply is on.
• Clean the lint filter and exhaust duct.
• Dryer may have moved into the cool-down phase of the cycle.
Doesn’t dry.• Check all of the above, plus...
• Be sure the exhaust hood outside the home can open and close freely.
• Check exhaust system for lint buildup. Ducting should be inspected and cleaned annually.
• Use a 4” rigid metal exhaust duct.
• Do not overload. 1 wash load = 1 dryer load.
• Sort heavy items from lightweight items.
• Large, bulky items like blankets or comforters may require repositioning to ensure even drying.
• Check that the washer is draining properly to extract adequate water from the load.
• Load may be too small to tumble properly. Add a few towels.
Is noisy.• Check the load for objects such as coins, loose buttons, nails, etc. Remove promptly.
• It is normal to hear the dryer gas valve or heating element cycle on and off during the drying cycle.
• Be sure the dryer is leveled properly
• It is normal for the dryer to hum due to the high velocity of air moving through the dryer drum and exhaust system.
Dries unevenly.• Seams, pockets, and other similarly heavy areas may not be completely dry when the rest of the load has reached the selected dryness level. This is normal. Select the More Dry setting if desired.
• If one heavy item is dried with a lightweight load, such as one towel with sheets, it is possible that the heavy item will not be completely dry when the rest of the load has reached the selected dryness level. Sort heavy items from lightweight items for best drying results.
Has an odor.• Household odors from painting, varnishing, strong cleaners, etc. may enter the dryer with the surrounding room air. This is normal as the dryer draws the air from the room, heats it, pulls it through the tumbler, and exhausts it outside.
• When these odors linger in the air, ventilate the room completely before using the dryer.
Shuts off before load is dry• Dryer load is too small. Add more items or a few towels and restart the cycle.
• Dryer load is too large. Remove some items and restart the dryer.
Lint on clothes• Make sure the lint filter is cleaned before every load. With some loads that produce high amounts of lint, it may be necessary to clean the filter during the cycle.
• Some fabrics are lint producers (for example, a fuzzy white cotton towel)and they should be dried separately from clothes that are lint trappers(for example, a pair of black linen pants)
• Divide larger loads into smaller loads for drying
• Check pockets thoroughly before washing and drying clothes.
Garments still wrinkled after Wrinkle-Care• Small loads of 1 to 4 items work best.
• Load fewer garments.Load similar-type garments.
Odors remain in clothing after Refresh.• Fabrics containing strong odors should be washed in a normal cycle.
Water drips from nozzle when Steam-Care starts• This is steam condensation. The dripping water will stop after a short time.
Sprayed water is not visible during Steam-Care• Sprayed water is difficult to see when the door is closed

Samsung DV5471AEPXAA dryer troubleshooting

ProblemWhat To Do
Will Not Start or Run• All wires are hooked up to their corresponding terminals.
• Dryer is plugged in.
• Blown fuse or circuit breaker.
• Door switch functionaL.door closed.
• Start/Pause rotary selector dial functional.
• Control Board operational.
• Belt off or broken and Belt Cut-off Switch operates.
• Drive motor functional. Check motor winding resistance: 2.88ohms between pin #3 and 4,3.5ohms between pin #4 and 5.
Motor runs/ tumbler will not turn• Belt off or broken/damaged.
• Idler tension spring too weak or stretched.
• Idler pulley jammed or stuck.
Runs a few minutes and then stops• Lint buildup around drive motor.
• Low voltage present.
• Blower impeller blocked in blower housing.
• Drive motor - start switch contacts stuck closed.
Blows fuses or trips circuit breaker• Is the belt connected well?
• Is the winding of the motor continuous? (Rotor winding, stator winding, generator)
• Is the motor protector normal?
• If above points are not found, the PCB assembly is out of order. Replace it.
Blows fuses or trips circuit breaker (Gas Model)• During ignition the dryer will draw X amps. With the burner ON, the dryer will draw X amps. If the dryer is drawing amperages above this, then the house wiring, fuse box or circuit breaker is suspected to be at fault.
• Igniter harness loose and shorted to base.
• Incorrect wiring or wire shorted to ground.
• Drive motor winding shorting to ground.
Will not heat (motor runs)• Open heating element.
• Hi-Limit trips easily or is open.
• Regulating thermostat trips easily or is open.
• Membrane switch open.
• Check Thermistor.
Will Not Dry Gas Model Poor Gas IgnitionWhen the dryer is operated on a heat setting, the igniter should be energized and burner shall fire within 45 seconds at 120 VAC. The failure of a component in this system will usually be indicated by one of three symptoms:
The igniter does not glowIf the igniter does not heat up, remove power and using an ohmmeter, check the following:
• Open flame sensor
• Open igniter
• Shorted booster coil
• Open wiring
• Bad motor switch (Neutral supply)
• No power from control (L1 supply)
Igniter glows - No gas ignitionIf the igniter heats up but the main burner flame is not ignited, remove power and using an ohmmeter, check the following:
• Open secondary coil
• Open holding coil
• Open wire harness
Stuck flame sensor (Stuck closed)
The gas is ignited but the flame goes outIf a normal ignition takes place and after a short while the flame goes out, check for the following:
• Radiant sensor contacts opening prematurely. Weak gas valve coil may open when stressed by higher Temps.
• Weak Hi-Limit
• Poor venting Bad drum seals
Improper drying clothes wrinkled Rough texture long dry time• Lint filter is not clean.
• Restriction in exhaust.
• Outside exhaust hood damper door stuck closed. Exhaust too long, too many elbows, flex ductwork installed.
• Poor intake air available for the dryer. Incorrect tumbler speed. Tumbler belt slipping. Blower impeller bound; check for foreign material in blower area.
• Customer overloading dryer. Check clothing labels for fabric content and cycle selected. Clothes too wet due to insufficient spin out by washer.
Noisy and/Or Vibration• Thumping Check for loose tumbler baffle, rear tumbler roller(s) worn or misaligned, out-of-round tumbler or high weld seam on tumbler. Ticking Check for loose wire harness or object caught in blower wheel area.
• Scraping Check for front or rear bulkhead felt seal out of position or worn tumbler front bearings.
• Roaring Check for blower wheel rubbing on blower housing or bad motor bearings. Popping or squealing sound. Check for a sticky or frayed belt.

Samsung steam dryer troubleshooting

1 could not find "Samsung Smart Home” in the app market.• The Samsung Smart Home app is available for Smartphone that run Android 4.0 (ICS) or higher, or iOS 7.0 or higher.
The Samsung Smart Home app fails to operate.• The Samsung Smart Home app is available for applicable models only.
• The old Samsung Smart Dryer app cannot connect with Samsung Smart Home models.
The Samsung Smart Home app is installed but is not connected to my dryer.• You must log into your Samsung account to use the app.
• Make sure that your router is operating normally.
• Make sure that the Smart Home Adapter is inserted properly.
• If the Smart Control (Smart Monitor) indicator g) on the dryer's display is off, this indicates that no network connection has been established. Use the Samsung Smart Home app to connect and register the dryer with your home network access point (AP).
Could not log into the app.• You must log into your Samsung account to use the app.
• If you don't have a Samsung account, follow the app's onscreen instructions to create one.
An error message appears when i try to register my dryer.• The connection may fail due to the distance from your access point (AP) or electrical interference from the surrounding environment. Wait a moment and try again.
The Samsung Smart Home app is successfully connected to my dryer but does not run.• Exit and restart the Samsung Smart Home app or unplug your router and then reconnect it.
• Remove the Smart Home Adapter, and reconnect it properly. Then, try again.