Samsung washer error code nd

If 5D, SUD, and/or SD error codes appear on the screen during a cycle, there is an excess foam issue. You can see foam fill the drum or even the soap dispenser drawer.

What does the 5D fault code mean?

Samsung washing machines feature a foam control function. Usually when there is too much of it, a washer switches to a defoaming mode. The 5D error indicates that the mode cannot be activated, and the washer is just waiting until the foam settles naturally. It takes quite a bit of time depends on how much powder you have loaded.

All three codes (5D, SUD, SD) indicate the same issue, depending on the model.

Why it happens

If there is a SUD error, you should find out what has caused it. This code appears in the following cases:

  • You have used a kind of detergent not intended for automatic washers;
  • You have used too much detergent and the washer cannot handle the amount of foam;
  • You have used poor quality detergent;
  • You have exceeded the detergent dose per cycle;
  • Faulty foam sensor;
  • Faulty water level switch;
  • Clogged drain hose, connection pipe or sewer;
  • A serious main control board issue (however, it rarely causes the 5D error in Samsung washers).

Make sure you are using the right type of detergent: not uncommonly, switching to another one turns out to be a solution.

How do I fix it without calling a technician?

If your Samsung washer displays the 5D error code during a cycle, and there is much foam in the drum, do the following:

  1. Wait until the foam settles. After that, the cycle will be resumed. Some modelss require that you press the Start button;
  2. Clean the drain filter when the cycle is over;
  3. Wassh away remaining powder. To do so, run the machine without loading it and select a long high-temperature wash cycle;
  4. If you see too much foam in the drum regularly, switch to a different powder detergent.

What do I do if the error iss there, but there is no foam in the drum?

  1. Unplug the machine;
  2. Get the linen out of it. If the door is blocked, drain the water using an emergency drain;
  3. Clean the drain filter;
  4. Run the washer using the previous cycle to check the result;
  5. Clean the drum and drain from the remains of the detergent.