Siemens washer error codes

Siemens Serie IQ washer error codes

Text on display panelPossible causeRemedial action
"Tap dosed?”Tap not turned on.Turn the tap on. Programme will continue automatically.
Inlet hose kinked or pinched.Eliminate cause.
Filter blocked in water inlet hose.Clean filter
Water pressure too low.Eliminate cause.
"Tap closed?” even though a lot of water has run in.Safety function has detected an appliance defect.Do not open the appliance door as water may run out! Repeatedly select "Drain” programme until the water level is low enough to remove the laundry. Call Customer Service.
"Pump blocked?”Pumped blocked by foreign objects.Clean pump
Drainage pipe and/or drainage hose blocked.Clean drainage pipe and/or drainage hose.
“Door open?”Door not closed properly.Check whether an item of laundry is jammed; close the door.
Aqua-Stop actuated?Water in the base pan; appliance leaking.Call Customer Service.

Siemens ultraSense plus WFXD8400UC washer error codes

Text in display fieldPossible causeAction
"Water tap closed?"Water taps not turned on.Turn on water tap. Program continues.
Supply hose kinked or trapped.Eliminate the cause.
Strainer in supply hose clogged.Clean the water inlet strainers
Water pressure too low.Eliminate the cause.
"Suds or blocked pump?"Suds or pump is blocked.Use less detergent for future wash loads. Detergents specifically designed for your High Efficientcy washer produce fewer suds and will include the letters “HE" on the packaging. Clean the water drainage pipe and/or drain hose.
"Check Door!"Door not closed properly.Check whether laundry is trapped in door. Close the door.

Siemens WI…V0 washer error codes

Codes Cause
: the "Ready in" time is flashingThe mains voltage is too low.
.the "Ready in” time is flashingUndervoltage during the wash programme.
The length of the programme will be extended.
E:18m The drain pump is blocked. Clean the drain pump. The drain hose/drain pipe is blocked. Clean the drain hose at the siphon.
E:23There is water in the base trough; the appliance is leaking. Turn off the tap. Call our after-sales service.
E:32is flashing alternately with End at the end of the programme.
Not a fault - the unbalanced load detection system has interrupted the spin cycle because the laundry is unevenly distributed.
Distribute small and large items of laundry evenly in the drum. Run the spin cycle again, if necessary.
Other indicators/symbolsSwitch off the appliance, wait for 5 seconds and then switch it back on. If the indicator/symbol appears again, call our after-sales service