Whirlpool duet front load washer error code hf

If there is the HF error on the screen, the machine is not getting water or it has difficulty detecting a pressure switch trip.

If the main control board does not detect water feeding into machine, the system will block the valves and display the error code.

Also, if the valves are eventually turned on, and 10.5 gallons of water enter the machine within 8 minutes, as detected by the control, but the pressure switch trip remains undetected, the valves will blocked, and the error code will appear.

To clear the screen, push the Pause/Cancel button twice.


Absence of water in the system:
• Inlet valves not turned fully on;
• Clogged or kinked inlet hoses or clogged inlet valve filters;
• Faulty inlet valves.

If there is water in the unit:
• Faulty drain pump;

If the Pressure Switch Hose ok and connected to Tub and Pressure switch:
• Check the siphon;
• Check the wire harnesses and connections between the Inlet Valves, Drain Pump, Pressure Switch, the Central Control Unit (CCU), and the Flow Meter;
• Make sure the hoses are not leaking;
• Make sure the pressure switch is working properly;
• Make sure the flow meter is functional;
• Make sure the CCU is not faulty.