The E2 F9 fault code indicates poor communication between the main control board and the pump. There are three possible causes:

  • a problem in the wiring between these two components (lose or corroded connections)
  • a faulty main control board
  • a clog in the drain catch

In the latter case, you need to access the drain catch and check it. Lean your washer against a wall at a 45 degree angle. Remove the lower front panel. Unscrew the drain cup – a 3” diameter plastic cap located right under the tub. Clear junk, if any, inside the drain catch. If the catch and the drain hose are clear, check the wire harness between the central control unit (CCU) and the pump for continuity. Make sure that all connections are ok and there is no rust damage. If everything checks good, the CCU may need to be replaced (it is located in the upper front right corner). This will be quite an investment (about $250). To check the pump or control board, use an ohm/volt meter. You can tell an electrical damage by an electrical smell issued by burnt parts.