Most likely, the problem is caused by the use of excessive amount of detergent, or the use of a wrong kind of detergent. It means that the pump cannot handle this amount of suds. You can end up with your items not rinsed properly. You will need to do a little check: put some items, which have already been washed, back into the washer and run the cycle without using any detergents. Check for suds. If there are suds, use a smaller amount of detergent. Most likely, the problem will disappear.

Also, you can stop your washer and wait until the suds are naturally reduced to liquid, and it can be just drained. The pressure switch will indicate that the water has been drained out of your washer. If it does, the pump is ok.

Or, the F02 fault code can appear when the control board signals the presence of water in the tub after draining. That is most likely to happen when there are suds all over the system, due to the use of a wrong detergent. Please, use only High Efficiency (HE) detergents and do not exceed the amount specified in the manual (about two tablespoonfuls). Failure to drain water may also occur due to a clog in the drain filter. Run your washer to make sure the pump is working. If there is no water or suds, check the pressure switch. Also, the drain hose may be clogged. Check the pressure hose. To do so, remove the top and pull the hose from the pressure switch. Blow the hose and see whether it is clogged or not. If there are no problems with the hose, you will need to repair or replace the pressure switch.