If there is F51 on the screen, you are dealing with a problem in the Rotor Position Sensor (RPS). This sensor is fixed on the motor.

Here are the steps, which you can do to clear the error code:

  1. Make sure your washer is not overloaded.
  2. Check the motor at the bottom for any foreign objects, which may have gotten stuck in it and are now stopping it from running properly. To prevent this, be sure that there is a cover on the Washer’s bottom.
  3. Also, this code may appear if you choose the wrong cycle for the current number of items loaded in the drum.
  4. Check the drain hose and make sure it is installed properly. If necessary, read the installation manual. If not, it may suck water out of the tub, block the spin and cause the fault code to appear.
  5. Open the lid and make sure that the basket is not blocked by turning it manually. If there is something preventing it from rotating freely, the error code may appear.  There may be an item stuck between the baskets or a basket hub issue.