Bosch dishwasher error codes

Bosch exists for more than one hundred years, producing the most different equipment for mankind’s needs. One can say, its founder Robert Bosch made a revolution in the industry. “It is better to lose profit than confidence of some buyers – R. Bosch said once. These words became the motto of the company, when in the 1886 in the German city Stuttgart the first exact mechanics and electric Bosch’s appliance workshop opened.
Even such reliable apparatus as Bosch break. In a case of Bosch dishwasher not draining, refer for technical help to dishwasher repair shop Bosch. There are different Bosch dishwasher problems.
A table of Bosch dishwasher error codes, which must be used in case of a breakdown, are listed below.

Error codes for Bosch SMS/SH Series and Exxcel/Logixx dishwashers

The SMS and SH ranges of Bosch dishwashers encompass over 100 models varying in handle design, capacity, and features. Nevertheless, they share one and the same system of error codes. In case your household appliance is experiencing an issue, write down the error code and refer to the chart below for an explanation.

Fault CodesSymptomCauseAction 
E01 (error solution E01), E02, E03, E04 (error solution E04), E05The E01, E02, E03, E04, E05 faults codes mean that the dishwasher has suffered a power module failure. The programming of replacement power modules has been locked down by Bosch so in the event of an error code of this type it’s recommended that you contact a Bosch approved dishwasher engineer
E06Door mechanism problemThe sensor/switch that detects whether the door is locked before starting a cycle is damaged or faulty. Check for obstructions and replace part if necessary
E07 Dishes not drying due to faulty fan
E08Water is not filling above level of heating elementMost likely a problem with the heating element, or filling issue
E09Water heating problem. Most likely related to heating element
E10Heating element problemCheck for blockages/build-up/limescale that could be stopping water from interacting with the element properly
E11Thermostat or temperature sensor faultyReplace faulty part if necessary
E13Water temperature exceeding 75CHave you connected your dishwasher to a hot water supply? If so switch to cold
E14 (error solution E14)Reed switch flow sensor faultCheck contacts on the reed switch connection are clean
E15Water leaking through to dishwasher baseEmpty the base of water. If error occurs again then your dishwasher has a leak
E16Water inlet valve faultCheck inlet valve and water supply
E17Water level too high (overfill)Possible flow sensor fault, or drainage problem
E18Water level too low (underfill)Can be due to a problematic water valve
E20 (error solution E20)Electrical short or breakShort or break causing incorrect resistance in winding of the circulation pump or the motor
E21 (error solution E21)Circulating pump blockedA blockage between the motor or the pump resulting in insufficient water flow
E23As error code E20, but this time the electrical problem is with the drain pumpReplace drain pump if necessary
E24Dishwasher not draining properlyDrain filters blockedClean the filters
E25 (error solution E25)Dishwasher not draining properlPossibly blocked filters, as above. Otherwise this fault code could indicate a blocked drain pump
E26Water switch/regulator problemCheck water switch and replace if required
E28Dishes not getting clean. Dirty water in the tubFault detected with turbidity sensor
A or BFault with the water sensorInspect dishwasher for evidence of leaks. Ascertain whether anti-flood protection has been activated
СMotor tacho faultCheck motor and motor tacho wiring for problems
DWiring/electrical fault related to motor triacCheck wiring on/to PCB and motor. Check the triac (on the PCB)
EDiverter valve faultInspect diverter valve and its wiring for problems
FFill timeout. The required water level is not sufficient within six minutes of the start of the programme
GDiverter triac faultCheck diverter triac (on PCB) and its wiring
HDishwasher not heatingPossible problem with heating element or thermostat, or wiring issue
KFaulty thermostat sensor (NTC)Inspect the NTC and thermostat, and their wiring
0Pressure sensor faultCheck the pressure sensor and its wiring

Popular error codes

Bosch dishwasher error code e15 informs the user that the protection from leaks is activated. This means that the washer`s pallet  is exposed to water or there is a float sticking. The causes of water leakage can be the following: faulty leakage sensor; there is a blockage of the drain system (filter, hose or sewage); there is a wear of pipes or a bad sealing; there is a flaw of the water sprayer.